Global Focus

  • Pray for churches in areas of conflict and unrest – Ukraine, Israel, Africa, Haiti – pray that they could provide practical support as well as bringing the message of hope in Jesus Christ to those around them.

  • Pray for churches in Asia, Central Asia the Middle East and Africa who face persecution because of their faith. Pray that they would stand strong and that God would give them courage to continue to share the truth about Jesus in the face of opposition. Pray that people in these countries would discover salvation in Jesus Christ through their testimony.

  • Pray for countries where our church has connection and family: Philippines, India, Ecuador, Guatemala, Ukraine, Poland, El Salvador, Korea, Jamaica, South Africa, UK … Pray that our families would be able to encourage their families and share the gospel with others from their homeland. Pray for countries that God has placed on your heart and do some research about their spiritual needs and pray for those needs.

  • Pray for Canada – that there would be a spiritual awakening in our country. That we would turn to God and follow His ways as a nation. Pray that God would raise up women and men of faith and conviction to serve in all areas of government and be salt and light in our country.