Director of WOrship

Position Overview
The Director of Worship is responsible for leadership of the corporate worship services at NewLife and accountable to the Lead Pastor. NewLife is a church committed to moving up and out in new life in Jesus Christ. We seek to remove barriers to people discovering Jesus. Our church is contemporary and casual but not irreverent or careless. We love and preach God’s Word but are conscious of those who come to church with no background or church-culture. We fully embrace the mission of Jesus to “seek and save the lost.”  Ideally the Director of Worship will be a competent musical leader with a growing and vibrant relationship with God and a heart to reach people with the good news of new life in Jesus. They will be a team-oriented leader and value working alongside a committed staff team. The Director of Worship is to be a modeler of good worship leading, a coach of existing worship ministry personnel and a recruiter and trainer of new musicians and worship leaders moving forward.

Primary Objective
The corporate worship service at NewLife encompasses both the upward and outward component of our mission statement: Moving Up and Out in New Life in Jesus Christ. It is the time where our church family is brought together in unity as we worship the Triune God together (up). It is also the time where our friends and guests are invited to discover God themselves as they participate with us in the worship service and have opportunity to hear the gospel (out). We strive to glorify God by leading, singing and playing worship music with excellence and skill. We want our corporate gatherings to be filled with spiritual connection and corporate energy as we gather together and worship God and hear from His Word. We want people to be excited about coming to church and participating in the worship services.


  •          A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a vital, growing personal relationship with Him and agreement with NewLife beliefs.
  •          Full endorsement of NewLife Mission, Vision and Values and Leadership.
  • Experience in leading worship, vocalists, and musicians, and a sense of calling to serve in this kind of ministry role. [experience using tracks or a willingness to learn]
  • A proficiency in both singing and playing guitar, piano, and/or other musical instruments with the ability to lead a congregation while playing.
  • Technical ability with sound mixing and ability to train and lead sound technicians. Comfortable with in-ear monitors and click track.
  • Possess the musical capability and leadership skills to teach and train worship team volunteers and organizational acumen to manage the overall system.
  • Is supportive of and loyal to staff members and the church body.
  • Exhibits a spirit of cooperation and teamwork and is teachable.
  • Become a member of NewLife Community Church and participate in the community and activities of NewLife Community Church on a consistent basis.


  • Plan worship services in advance together with the Lead Pastor utilizing planning center for volunteer co-ordination.
  • Lead worship practices midweek [currently Tuesday] evenings and lead worship in both worship services [9 AM and 11 AM] each week.
  • Recruit, select and train worship team volunteers and oversee and coordinate the volunteer schedules weekly with a minimum three-month advance schedule in place as well.
  • Collaborate with Video production team each week and provide support and assistance as needed. Ensure that sound mix is suitable for video recording.
  • Establish multiple worship teams on a rotating schedule.
  • Develop Worship Leaders who can lead their own teams.
  • Coach the Sound tech team and worship teams weekly providing feedback and practical points for improvement and greater strengthening of the worship ministry and service.
  • Lead additional worship initiatives as required for seasonal worship days as well as specially called times of worship and gathering.
  • Oversee all people serving within the worship area.

Time, Compensation, Other Information

  • The Director of Worship position will be part-time and require approximately 12-20 hours a week – for example:
  •          4 Hours Preparation and Planning Services
  •          3 Hours Practice
  •          5 Hours Sunday Worship Services
  •          4 hours coaching/ mentoring
  •          2 hours meetings.
  • The Director of Worship will be paid hourly according to experience and training and will submit timesheets monthly for reimbursement.
  • The Worship Coordinator will report directly to the Lead Pastor. There will be a six-month probationary period followed by bi-annual meetings to review job description and expectations.

Please check out the NewLife website for more information about the church:

Please send a resume and cover letter to if you are interested in this position. Please note that we are only able to consider Canadian applicants at the present time.