The Children’s Ministry Assistant is the key staff person responsible for leading volunteers and children up and out in new life in Jesus Christ at NewLife on Sunday mornings.


Ministry Goal: To help every child (and volunteer) to move up and out in new life in Jesus Christ.

This goal will be accomplished through a comprehensive Sunday morning ministry which includes intentional times of fellowship and relationship building, corporate worship and systematic chronological teaching from the Bible with appropriate learning activities – all scaled according to the learning stage and age of each group of children.


Character Essentials

  • Love for God & a growing relationship with Jesus
  • Love for children and families
  • Heart for outreach and for kids and families to experience new life in Jesus
  • Passion to see kids discover and live the truth of God’s Word
  • Invested in the NewLife vision of moving up and out in New Life in Jesus Christ.
  • Commitment to NewLife as your home church and your spiritual family.
  • Servant heart and humble attitude

Skill Requirements

  • Strong interpersonal & communication skills
  • Motivator and influencer of people
  • Leadership experience and success in leading volunteer teams
  • Proven recruiter
  • Ability to manage stress, chaos, change and complexity
  • Teachable and willingness to learn and adapt as necessary
  • Aptitude in team-based leadership and mission
  • Skilled teacher and able to mentor other teachers


Key Responsibilities

  • Recruiting and training volunteers to serve in children’s ministry.
  • Constantly building the ministry team
  • Helping people complete the application process; collecting record checks and volunteer covenants
  • Facilitating training and mentorship events
  • Communicating and scheduling with NewLife staff team, and with all volunteers each week and as needed to ensure the ministry smooth functions smoothly.
  • Developing a schedule in advance for each ministry cycle
  • Sending weekly emails to all volunteers
  • Providing contact information from new families to staff team for follow-up
  • Setting up all classrooms and supplies for the volunteer team each Sunday.
  • Emailing lesson plans to each volunteer leader
  • Ensuring classrooms are set up, and all supplies for activities are in place
  • Keeping the ministry area tidy and safe for children



Curriculum selection will be handled by a team lead selected by the Lead Pastor. The Children’s Ministry Assistant will simply be responsible to administrate the implementation of the curriculum for all ages in coordination with the curriculum team. The priority of NewLife Kids Ministry is that our Sunday morning ministry be Biblically grounded, engaging for kids, and outward focused.



The Children’s Ministry Assistant is accountable to the Lead Pastor. As part of the staff team, this person will participate in weekly staff meetings and strategic planning.

  • Monthly meetings with the Lead Pastor for reporting on ministry management and progress will be scheduled.
  • Measurable goals will be set, and resource requirements will be evaluated. The church is committed to providing the necessary support for all staff to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of their position.
  • A three-month probation period will be in effect for any new hires to evaluate the fit for the role and the suitability of the job description.



The Children’s Ministry Assistant will be paid $16.00 an hour plus holiday pay as per Saskatchewan Labour Guidelines. The Role is designed for 12 hours per week.


How to Apply

Please send your resume to Mike at

youth intern

The Youth Intern will be responsible for leading the youth at NewLife to move up and out in New Life in Jesus Christ through outreach and discipleship in collaboration with the staff team and the church family.


Character Requirements*

  • Growing, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ
  • A life that is producing the fruit of the Holy Spirit
  • A love for people and especially for youth and their families
  • A desire and pursuit of holiness and purity in their own lives
  • A functional knowledge of God’s Word and how to apply it to life
  • A burning desire to see people come to know Jesus


Skill Requirements*

  • Ability to work on a team and manage volunteers
  • Communication and organization
  • Leadership skills in managing groups of students
  • Ability to disciple and mentor students and adults
  • Interpersonal aptitude and relational connectivity

*as an intern we are committed to assisting you in developing these areas.



The Youth Intern will be a learner first and a leader second. While significant responsibility will be entrusted to this position over time, the Youth Intern will be expected to assume a posture of teachability and a willingness to receive direction, correction, and instruction from the pastoral staff and leadership. The nature of internship is for development and growth in ministry skills, spiritual leadership and personal awareness of strengths and weaknesses in life and leadership. As such, a humble attitude of the heart is a key to success for this ministry internship.



The term will be from Spring/Summer 2019 to the end of June 2020.



Youth Ministry

The Youth Intern will be responsible for leading the youth ministry at NewLife church. This includes:

  • Strategic calendar and ministry planning with intentional events for worship, outreach, discipleship, and leadership development
  • Building Biblical community within the youth group and working to make NewLife Youth a healthy, safe and welcoming environment
  • Planning a weekly Bible Study for youth grades 7-9 and youth grades 10-12
  • Working with a team of parents to establish a pre-teen ministry to grades 4-6
  • Resourcing parents to be the primary disciple-makers for their children
  • Recruiting and training a team for leading NewLife Youth Ministry


Children’s Ministry

The Youth Intern will assist the Children’s Ministry Assistant by serving and teaching downstairs during one of the services on Sunday Mornings.

  • Working downstairs on Sunday mornings to assist with the chronological teaching of the bible to the older children during one of the services
  • Recruiting volunteers from within the youth to serve alongside of them with the children on Sunday Mornings


Other Ministry

The Youth Intern will also be available to serve the church family and staff team at NewLife by stepping up to serve in their area of passion, gifting and ability to help advance the mission of Jesus Christ at NewLife church. Some possible areas would include:

  • Technology and Video Development
  • Outreach
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Hands-on service ministry
  • Hospitality
  • Biblical Counseling


Work Schedule and Accountability

The Youth Intern will work full-time hours and will adjust their work schedule to accommodate the ministry needs and schedule of the youth. They will keep regular office hours each week to stay connected with the staff team.

Any time-off or holidays will be arranged with the Lead Pastor according to the requirements of the Province of Saskatchewan and the staff policies of NewLife church. The Youth Intern will be accountable to the Lead Pastor in all areas unless otherwise stated. Ministry goals and objectives will be discussed weekly and every three months a review will be scheduled with the Lead Pastor. At the end of the internship an exit interview will be conducted with the Youth Intern.



The Intern will be payed full-time equivalent of 16.00 per hour. Holiday pay will be paid as per Saskatchewan Labour regulations.



The pastoral staff will commit to active mentorship of the intern for the duration of the internship. They will support and encourage the intern throughout the whole process with the goal that clarity in God’s leading and will for their future ministry is clarified through this time of learning and leading.


How to Apply

Please send your resume to Mike at